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Free ebook: The Definitive Guide To Sales Content Management: How to turbocharge sales and marketing productivity

This free ebook describes how a sales content management solution can help your company What You'll Learn: - What is sales content management and how it can help my company? - How does sales content management differ from traditional storage such as Wikis, Cloud Storage, Sharepoint, and file shares? - How do I build a business case and convince internal stakeholders to act? Use this guide when planning for a sales content management...Read More

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Pg 3 - The Business Case Pg 12 - Aligning Stakeholders Pg 18 - Solution Requirements Pg 21 - Return on Investment

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THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO SALES CONTENT MANAGEMENT HOW TO TURBOCHARGE SALES AND MARKETING PRODUCTIVITY Table of Contents 3 The Business Case 12 Aligning Stakeholders 18 Solution Requirements 21 Return on Investment A typical marketer or salesperson produces thousands of pieces of content (emails, spreadsheets, proposals, reports, pitches, notes) annually and the rate of this content creation increases everyday. To manage this growth...Read More