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Click-to-cash should be the goal of any marketer looking to map their impact. But when you’re constantly bombarded with data from social media, email, CRM, and hundreds of other systems and applications, it can be hard to figure out what to track. Your lead generation metrics may be through the roof, but that doesn’t mean you’re delivering the right leads to sales. “Likes” are nice, but they don’t mean much if you can’t connect them to actual revenue. And the email metrics you collect won’t make a difference if you aren’t able to act on them in real time. In order to execute with precision and optimize across the funnel in every effort, there are 4 things every marketer needs to be able to do: Close the loop. Invest where it counts. Demonstrate ROI. Monitor campaign performance in real time. Check out our latest marketing guide to find out how to make it all happen, and how Domo can help.

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DATA-DRIVEN MARKETING ESSENTIALS: 4 things every marketer needs to do, and how Domo delivers. The days of gut-instinct marketing are over. Today, marketing is expected to execute with precision and optimize across the funnel in every effort. 85% of marketing teams are actively building lead generation programs. But to do it well, these marketers need immediate access to the data and results they need to find answers fast and adjust course just as quickly. 85% in order to be innovative, here are 4 THINGS EVERY MARKETER NEEDS TO DO: Close the loop. How many times have you been asked to invest in a new social channel because someone is afraid an opportunity is being missed? How many dollars—and hours—are spent creating content for the wrong buying center before the gap is discovered? Without a system that ties campaign to action to result to strategy, marketing takes on an ad hoc nature that strangles the operation. Instead of being inundated with data from various sources—social, email, CRM, ads, and more— marketers need a way to bring together data from disparate sources, and understand how it all impacts past, present, and future campaigns. Click-to-cash should be the goal of any marketer looking to map their impact, but more important is ensuring that the results of your last campaign are applied against the plans for your next—beyond gut feel. Invest where it counts. You shouldn't expand SEM campaigns around new keywords just because your competitor does. Nor should you automatically crank up your budget when CPC rises. Without real-time insights into campaign performance, both of those mistakes can be easy to make. Data-driven marketers distinguish themselves by seeking insight into deeper-funnel campaign performance early and often, not merely at the end of the campaign. Underperforming campaigns can be deemphasized before they sink the budget, while early successes can gain the investment needed to deliver impact. Campaigns are still driven by instinct, but can be steered at a moment's notice.