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Free ebook: Data-Driven Marketing Essentials

Click-to-cash should be the goal of any marketer looking to map their impact. But when you’re constantly bombarded with data from social media, email, CRM, and hundreds of other systems and applications, it can be hard to figure out what to track. Your lead generation metrics may be through the roof, but that doesn’t mean you’re delivering the right leads to sales. “Likes” are nice, but they don’t mean much if you can’t connect them to actual ...Read More

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DATA-DRIVEN MARKETING ESSENTIALS: 4 things every marketer needs to do, and how Domo delivers. The days of gut-instinct marketing are over. Today, marketing is expected to execute with precision and optimize across the funnel in every effort. 85% of marketing teams are actively building lead generation programs. But to do it well, these marketers need immediate access to the data and results they need to find answers fast and adjust ...Read More