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Free ebook: The Conference Organizer's Guide to Branding

If events are part of your marketing strategy, how will you remain competitive? How — besides investing even more dollars — can you make your conference “must-attend”? Branding remains one of the best ways to differentiate your events from others, and it’s a strategy many organizers nod toward, but haven’t fully exploited. Using examples from brand-savvy organizers and best practices from top brands, The Conference Organizer’s Guide to B...Read More

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Pg 1 - I. About Branding Pg 3 - II. Crafting the Brand Promise Pg 7 - III. Communicating the Brand Promise Pg 9 - IV. Delivering the Brand Experience Pg 12 - V. Extending the Brand Experience Pg 13 - VI. Refining the Brand Promise

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The Conference Organiser's Guide to Branding Table of Contents I. About Branding 1 II. Crafting the Brand Promise 3 III. Communicating the Brand Promise 7 IV. Delivering the...Read More