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Free ebook: The New Rules of Event Sponsorships

Event sponsors give you the resources you need to take your event to the next level. But they’ve become hard to win — and harder to retain. So, how do you increase the value of your event without spending more money or increasing prices? New and affordable technology has changed event sponsorships. “The New Rules of Event Sponsorships” takes a hard look into what’s changed and how you can adapt to the world of data-driven sponsorships. D...Read More

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Pg 3 - The State of Sponsorships Pg 3 -The New Currency: Your Event Data Pg 7- Identify Sponsors Pg 8 - Get to Know Sponsors Pg 10 - Anatomy of the Sponsorship Proposal Pg 11 - Maintaining Healthy Partnerships Pg 12 - Evaluating Sponsorship Success Pg 13 - In Closing

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The New Rules of Event Sponsorships Executive Brief 01 The State of Sponsorships Access to new and affordable tools have leveled the playing field for data-driven sponsorships. Event organizers who take advantage will be able to unlock unique sponsorship opportunities. 02 The New Currency: Your Event Data To find and win sponsors, today’s organizer must dive deep into their event data. Here’s what you’ll need to collect and where you’ll ...Read More