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Free ebook: The Secret to Intent-Based Marketing: Driving Conversions with 1:1 Personalization

Intent-based marketing isn’t just about online ad targeting. Are you considering the intent of your visitors when you present them with content and experiences on your own site? Consumers expect brands to accurately address their individual needs, and B2B buyers similarly have little patience for irrelevance! You can use intent-based marketing principles to analyze different types of data on your website visitors — in real time — to truly unde...Read More

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THE SECRET TO INTENT-BASED MARKETINGDriving Conversions with 1:1 PersonalizationevergagePersonalized Experiences Driven by Customer Intent Intent-based marketing is rapidly gaining in popularity among digital marketers for one reason: it works. But are you putting it to work on your own digital properties? Google employs intent-based marketing with every single search conducted – more than 2 million times per minute, in fact. After all, what y...Read More
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