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ABM Benchmark Survey Report 2016 EverString worked with Demand Gen Report to bring you The 2016 ABM Benchmark Survey report to give you insight on adoption, tactics, and challenges marketers are facing with ABM. Read all about it in this ebook!

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ABM BENCHMARK SURVEY REPORT2016 NEW ANALYTICS, ORCHESTRATION, ADVERTISING AND REPORTING SUPPORT TARGETED APPROACH EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Account-based marketing (ABM) has gained significant traction in 2016. Demand Gen Report’s first-ever ABM Benchmark Survey Report found close to half (47%) of marketers surveyed have an ABM strategy in place, and 33% indicated they are planning to implement ABM within the next 18 months. Just 20% said they had no strategy or plans to implement ABM. Does your company have an account-based marketing strategy in place? 24% Yes, recently launched 23% Yes, in place for some time 20% No 32% Not yet, but planning to launch one in the next 18 months ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING STRATEGY GAINS FOOTHOLD Industry analysts suggest the significant surge in new ABM adoption is being driven in part by the bevy of new technology options available to help scale ABM. “Advances in predictive marketing analytics, behavioral advertising, email and website personalization, and activity orchestration now make it possible to engage prospective buyers at hundreds of specific accounts with the depth and relevance of marketing to a single account,” said Laura Ramos, VP-Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. While ABM has been around for some time, the survey underscored that ABM is still a very new initiative for most organizations. A total of 59% of respondents said they’ve been doing ABM for less than a year, with 29% at it for less than six months. Sixteen percent said they’ve been practicing ABM for one to two years, while a quarter (25%) have had their ABM strategy in place for more than two years. The survey also showed a wide variation in the types of ABM approaches being deployed, with strategic ABM or a 1:1 large account model utilized by 33% of companies and an equal amount categorizing their efforts as ABM Lite, which rather than 1:1 is defined as more 1:Few. Programmatic ABM, or more of a 1:Many, is the approach being utilized by 26% of companies, while 8% said they weren’t sure how to categorize their approach. Jeffrey Sands, VP and Account-Based Marketing Practice Co-Lead at ITSMA, said the rapid adoption of ABM is driving this wide range of “flavors” in the approach and strategy. “There is the traditional strategic ABM that is the true one-to-one model. In the past, this is the ABM most companies implemented. We are now seeing two additional models: ‘ABM-Lite,’ or a one to few model; and ‘Programmatic ABM,’ which is a one-to-many model [that] relies more heavily on marketing automation and the newer technologies to customize content to a larger targeted audience.” How long has your account-based marketing strategy been in place? 29%1-6 months 30%6 months-1 year 16%1-2 years 25%2+ years