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Senior Director, Marketing at Zafin
As early as you can! Even before the clickable demo is built, it's imparative to meet with the PDE team to start planning vision PPT decks, use case stories, personas, etc. Then, as soon as the timeline is built out where you know when it will be in pilot phase, you need to sync up with the Sales...more
Head of Product and Solutions Marketing at Slack
When you launch as quickly and regularly as we do, as soon as possible! :) But to be more descriptive - the goal is for these teams to have some visibility and control over planning for their workload, and for you to have all the resources you need for a launch. So I think it's helpful to look...more
VP, Brand & Marketing at Instacart
This will depend on the Go-To-Market strategy and which channels you plan to leverage. In my experience, once the roadmap is defined and you have developed your v0 GTM, that is a good time to start meeting with channel owners to seek feedback on the proposed plan and align around the channel stra...more
Director of Product Marketing at Iterable
Good question. Part of this depends on what channels and content you (and the other teams) plan to create. Try to take at least one of the longer-tail pieces of your launch, like potentially a web-based tool and then work backward to determine what the right timeframe is.   For many launches, I...more
Sr. Director, Product Marketing at Seismic
Is it ever wrong to start as soon as possible?! Early in the ideation/business case phase, I try to keep it narrow. I'll tap a few members of the GTM team to help me brainstorm use cases and value proposition, which we then refine through additional research and customer validation. It's helpful ...more
Head of Product Marketing, Jira Work Management at Atlassian
I hate to answer with "it depends", but it does! Atlassian has ~25 cross-functional teams that I worked with as the launch came closer. Some of those teams required 4 months of lead time to make sure everything was done on time! Others came in during the last few weeks. I found that it was import...more