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Turbo Charge Your Analytics in Salesforce Are you exhausted by the efforts you are putting into your marketing mix for a miniscule return? Learn to drive more deals by obtaining true revenue performance metrics and full visibility into all of your leads. This white paper was designed to help data-driven marketers navigate through capabilities inside Salesforce and how to extend them. You’ll learn how to: Optimize your marketing mix by tracking campaign performance and revenue attribution Identify problem areas through stage-by-stage historical funnel metrics Improve sales engagement and efficiency by managing responses across Leads and Contacts

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Turbo Charge Your Analytics in Salesforce Full Circle Insights 650.641.2766 877.834.4001 Full Circle Insights Marketing Performance Management is a native Salesforce application that provides users with highly configurable, weighted Campaign Attribution models, integrated sales and marketing funnels, and a complete response lifecycle management solution. With Full Circle Insights, marketers can finally understand campaign performance and therefore, marketing’s contribution to revenue. In this document, we’ll explore how marketers can answer key questions to drive revenue when using Full Circle Insights. Campaign Performance Everyone who plays a role in demand generation across sales and marketing wants to know exactly which programs drive opportunity creation and revenue. Whether it is a call down campaign from telesales or an event planned by marketing, it is crucial for companies to understand which campaigns perform well under different circumstances so they can optimize the marketing mix and maximize revenue. The bottom line is, you need to know what works to position your company for success. STANDARD Recording campaign data in Salesforce is fundamental in measuring campaign performance. This enables data integrity across the organization and ensures that marketing performance data incorporates sales team figures that line up with revenue. Salesforce associates the Last Touch Campaign to the Opportunity, and each Campaign needs to be vetted to ensure that it was a true response. (e.g., email bounces that cause revenue credit to be incorrectly allocated to the email campaign). Full Circle Insights extends Salesforce to support these and other scenarios. COMPLETE VISIBILITY The Full Circle Insights solution sets the Campaign that drove rep engagement (the tipping point Campaign) as the primary Campaign for ROI calculations. Full Circle also captures first and last touch (but only for actual campaign responses—forget that bounced email from one of your outbound campaigns) and provides weighted influence models as well. Our Marketing Performance Management solution supports full Campaign metrics for all Opportunities, and can be configured to require that Opportunities are created from Leads and Contacts and that at least one Campaign is present for every Opportunity. Alternatively, we can simply clear off the faulty data when Campaign credit should not be given. Did my campaign influence revenue? STANDARD Salesforce comes with an influence model straight out-of-the-box. From the influence model, Salesforce’s campaign influence reports can provide baseline insights into campaign performance. However, as a caveat, this model attributes 100% of the sale to each and every Campaign within the global influence criteria, without de-duplication (so a deal’s revenue gets counted multiple times). Many organizations want to calculate revenue impact (by campaign) in a more flexible manner and want the total revenue attributed to match the total revenue generated. (standalone) COMPLETE VISIBILITY Full Circle Insights provides a powerful weighted campaign attribution framework that gives marketers visibility into all the touches that contribute to Opportunity creation and close. Full Circle Insights leverages the Opportunity Amount and distributes it across all Campaign Members that influenced the deal based on a flexible, easy to use weighting system. Using this mechanism, marketers can slice and dice influenced deals by Campaign, Opportunity Type, Account segments, and any other attribute on the Campaign, Opportunity, or Contact and Account record. What were the quality of the responses? STANDARD Today Salesforce gives marketers visibility into the current Lead status and the related disqualified reason, which is essential to understanding lead quality. If using standalone Salesforce, be diligent about enforcing the data input into this field by sales reps. Note that data can be lost when the Lead is re-opened. Because the disqualified reason is a static field on the Lead record, it is difficult for marketers to understand what specific Campaign responses have been disqualified and why. Additionally, marketers lose this data altogether on the Contact record since it doesn’t have a status to capture engagement.(standalone) COMPLETE VISIBILITY Using a disqualified reason on both Leads and Contacts, Full Circle Insights captures that data on the Campaign Member so marketers can identify why a specific Campaign response was disqualified. This functionality supports a feedback loop between sales and marketing that enables the refinement of qualification criteria and scoring over time.