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Stephen O'Keefe
Senior Director, Customer Success at HubSpot February 21
It's important for Customer Success and Sales to share incentives around customer growth. Too often folks think about customer retention and customer growth as two mutually exclusive things. The fac
Natasha Evans
VP, Customer Success at Salesloft January 25
In my opinion, this really depends on your internal org structure and who owns renewal and growth. But, if I could design something from scratch and do it at any company, it would mirror exactly what
Ben Terrill
Senior Director, Customer Success at Brex January 18
This is one of the top questions I get about Customer Success! When breaking down responsibilities I try to consider what the best experience for the customer will be and ensure I align the responsibi
Mike Bauldree
VP, Customer Success at Zscaler March 10
I dont' disagree with this structure, but would argue that if CS is not also driving net-new revenue (and compensated accordingly), you will always have a Finance team who annually asks the question:
Jesica Chavez
Director customer success at Formant | Formerly Genius Plaza, Blue Ocean Robotics, Robot de Mexico, Plataforma IMarch 28
Relationships with your customer are key to understanding what success means for them. You can not believe that only one department or just one person is getting value from your product. So you need