Seif Salama

AMA: Carta Director of Product Marketing - Investors & Employees, Seif Salama on Consumer Product Marketing

June 28 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 1mo 4d 11h 1m

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Top Questions
What are the most important soft and hard skills PMMs can build to become successful in their field going forward?
How do you break down responsibilities and KPI's for product launches between demand gen and product marketing?
How do you get product management to bring you into initial design process?
How is the PMM team structured there by product line, segment, function or by objective (ie. revenue retention, product engagement, etc)?
How does the product marketing team's placement in the org chart (under marketing, product, etc.) effect your ability to influence the roadmap?
Given that PMM role definitions and skills vary so much by company, how do you develop a transferrable career path if you end up switching firms along the way?
How does your company define the difference between product marketing and integrated/brand/customer marketing? Do you see value in having both roles, e.g. Integrated team works more closely with the creative team on seasonal/holiday/brand campaigns whereas Product Marketing works more closely with the Product team on product launches, user research/insights, positioning strategy, etc. I have found it challenging for Product Marketing to own all of this, and often see different skill sets from marketers who are great at creative brand campaigns vs. PMMs who are skilled at positioning a new product and bringing it to market.
What are you favorite resources to find product marketing *workflows* and best practices & case studies regarding them?
For instance, I like Kapost's, Drift's, and Intercom's handbooks.
What are some things you wish you knew in your first few years of Product Marketing, that you have learnt since
What tips or best practices do you have for convincing channel teams (or other teams) to fund your projects or initiatives, when PMM commonly doesn't have their own budget to spend.
How do you determine success metrics for a promotion for product marketing managers? Are there any key metrics someone must meet before they qualify?
How do you view the distinction between brand marketing and product marketing?
What do you look for in the backgrounds of aspiring consumer product marketers (who have never held the role before) as a signal that they will be a good hire?
What are the key differences between b2b and b2c product marketing?
Do you recommend developing deep focus in B2B or B2C PMM work? Are skills transferable? When you look for a candidate do you look for B2B or B2C experience specifically?
How is your PMM team structured? Are some PMMs focused on B2B and others on B2C or the same product line or does one PMM work on both?
What are some skills a Consumer PMM needs to move up the ladder to a Director level role? What are the criteria of evaluation?
What role does brand play in product marketing
What courses or other education should one pursue when changing from Growth Marketing in the tech industry to Product Marketing for either a tech or non-tech B2C company?
What qualities in a B2B marketer do you think are applicable to Consumer Product marketing? What are skill gaps that a B2B marketer could improve on to become more consumer-focused?
What's the biggest challenge you've ever faced as a product marketing leader and how did you overcome it?
What trends and shifts is consumer product marketing experiencing?
Do partnerships with other brands/companies play an important role in the success of product marketing?
Can you provide examples of the product ideas you have influenced to Whatsapp roadmap?
We talk about virality in b2c products. What's could the difference be in b2b products and how can we bring that?
What are the best interview questions you received when hiring PMMs?
Why is there so little focus on B2C Product Marketing?
What differentiation in skills and experience do you see between B2B and B2C product marketing?
Asking as a B2B product marketer looking to transition to B2C
What other skills do consumer product marketers need to have that aren't required for b2b product marketers?
Do you use different tools or data or research to build position in b2c vs b2b?