Vishal Naik

AMA: DocuSign Director of Product Marketing, Vishal Naik on Developer Product Marketing

July 05 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 1mo 11d 9h 9m

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Our product team has a difficult time sticking to timelines. This makes launches pretty difficult to manage without creating large lapses in communication. Any strategies to manage this?
B2B Pricing question: In your role working as PM & GTM or working with PE/VC/pricing consulting firms on company valuation & market assessment, Whats your go-to resource with frameworks & examples to conduct B2B pricing power assessment for a product?
What does a developer product marketing manager need to be exceptional at compared to product marketing manager?
What advice could you share for people marketing to developers?
What are the keys to getting started with a developer marketing program?
How do I measure the effectiveness of my developer marketing campaigns?
Do you have a CTO, CIO or developer persona profile that you can share?
Looking for slides or document that spells out what particular personas like or don't like as well where they congregate (what media they read, what groups they follow, etc)
How technical does your messaging need to be when marketing to developers?
What's the difference between Developer Relations and Developer Marketing? How do you work together?
What are some red flags of a PM candidate on their LinkedIn profile when you are hiring for a Senior PMM role?
How do you evaluate the cost of a developer to the org?
Developer Journey vs. Classic Funnel: what's the difference? Where are the overlaps & intersection points?
Can you share the metrics you track for your developer marketing programs? And what are the product metrics that the marketing team also needs to pay attention to?
How does developer product marketing fundamentally change when you're targeting enterprise companies as buyers?
Can you explain Developer Marketing to someone who is hearing the term for the first time?
For context, I'm a former circus performer trying to break into tech
Developer Journey vs. Classic Funnel: what's the difference?
When and how does a sales team engage when marketing to developers?
For an API product, how have you been able to successfully continue engagement with developers after they have completed onboarding? Strictly email? Does that outperform/under perform regular web and mobile customers?
As a solo what are the highest impact areas to concentrate on for getting users?
How do you measure developer marketing effectiveness?
Our company targets both business customers and developers building apps on top of our platform. I’m a non-technical PMM and the first marketing hire in the company. As our marketing team grows, when should we bring a DevRel into the team?
Our business model is product-led-growth. How should we prioritize bringing in a DevRel vs. other critical functions like content and demand generation as we grow our team and want to do it efficiently?
What are your lessons learned about successfully marketing to developers?