Victoria Chernova

AMA: Gong Director, Product Marketing, Victoria Chernova on Product Marketing vs Product Management

June 09 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 15d 9h 34m 53s

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Gathering customer feedback - who is the owner of this in your org? are they different in the different stages? Design partners, Beta testers, when fully released?
For someone who is a mid-career (5-6 years in) Product Marketer and has an opportunity to lean into either PLG or SLG motions, which one would you recommend diving deep into?
What specific areas of roadmap influence do you think product marketing can help the most with?
Is it the decision of what features to actually build based on customer feedback and marketing opportunity OR more so naming, branding and how we position and target features?
Career question: As a product marketer, how do you know if you're personally a better fit to be a product manager?
Curious — where does in-app copy fit in your org? Is it under PMM? Design? Other? Particularly interested in technical products, but also curious for nontechnical.
What would you say is the most important objective of the Product Marketing team? The #1 objective that if achieved would impact your business the most?
Product Marketing is usually pulled in 17 directions at any given time so saying "no" is more important than saying "yes". What is the singular highest point of contribution?
How do you get product management to focus more on customer problems and solving them, and less on shipping features that customers don't need?
They want to convey 20+ features to the public when we should only focus on top 3-5 features then figure out what the true benefit is to the end user.
How do you more effectively influence product roadmap priorities and timeline?
What are the biggest frustrations you have as a product marketing manager?
The role of product marketing has become more strategic. How is it affecting you?
What does Product Management have to provide in their Project Briefs in order for Product Marketing to be successful?
Example: Project Briefs should include: problem, solution, etc.
Through the lens of a feature/product lifecycle, what are the critical points of collaboration between product marketing and product management? And what are the lines that distinguish who owns which part?
Who owns pricing - product management or product marketing? If product management, then what is product marketing's role?
How different are the product marketing KPIs from the product management KPIs?