Sina Falaki

AMA: Motive Director, Industry and Product Marketing, Sina Falaki on Industry Product Marketing

June 16 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 22d 9h 1m 20s

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Top Questions
How is the customer journey changing? What tactics do I need to address these changes?
At what stage of a company should a product marketing team think about resourcing an industry-first approach?
what skills and abilities are required to be head of industries marketing? how do candidates set themselves apart during an interview?
Have you come across good resources for thought leadership content related to industry product marketing? If so which would you recommend?
In practice, how does industry marketing and solutions marketing look different from product marketing? Doesn't product marketing have to message to industries and solutions already?
Have you come across good resources for thought leadership content related to industry marketing? If so which would you recommend?
How open would your company be to hire someone with category management experience for a PMM role? Lets say the person has worked on product development, GTM, sales enablement and campaigns for their category?
How do you set revenue targets for your industry that you're focused on when the sales team's quota isn't tied to your industry?
How does your team establish and standardize researching audience/segment needs? How do you then leverage your findings systematically to influence the product roadmap?
How do I measure sales enablement success?
What are the key metrics you use to measure the success of your industry marketing program?
What does an industry product marketing manager need to be exceptional at compared to product marketing manager?
When or why should a product marketing function carve out an industry marketing role vs just have traditional product marketing run this?
Which product marketing responsibilities should be centralized, and what should industry product marketers own?
Do you have any tips for developing a Product Marketing function in an org where the PM team hasn't been long established?
What’s a successful GTM look like for you? Who do you involve & how do you influence to get the best ROI?