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Hien Phan
Director of Product Marketing at Amplitude March 15
This question is a great one. First, you don't build the GTM strategy in a vacuum. It's not an exercise of a product marketer where she goes into a dark room for ten days and comes out with a brillian
Victoria Chernova
Director, Product Marketing at Gong December 7
Here are a few considerations and actions you can take to build support across the team: Tie your launch goals to the greater Marketing team goals. It’s important to connect the dots on how your laun
Michele Nieberding 🚀
Head of Solutions Marketing at Iterable January 11
Get buy in EARLY, and share "excitement" around WHY the strategy was decided on and the potential value/opportunity it brings for the company and that specific marketing team! Once I have my messagin
Aurelia Solomon
Senior Director of Product Marketing at Drift December 1
I know this isn't tactical, but I would make sure to include them in the product launch kick off meeting (which happens ever before you have your entire plan built) because it helps them understand WH
Amanda Groves
Senior Director Product Marketing at Crossbeam | Formerly 6sense, JazzHR, Imagine Learning, AppsemblerJanuary 23
I typically back up departmental asks with customer sentiment (qual) and data (quant). This makes it easier to rally team members around our why and cultivate influence towards a new GTM initiative. F
Rachel Cheyfitz
Head of Product Marketing and Documentation at Coro | Formerly Lytx, Cisco, Snyk, Lightrun, ComeetNovember 26
This question is essentially "how to lead effectively without authority" - or in other words, how to lead your peers and others who aren't necessarily in your organization and/or who don't report to y
Lisa Dziuba
Head of Product Marketing at LottieFiles | Formerly WeLoveNoCode (made $3.6M ARR), Abstract, Flawless App (sold)December 5
You need to get buy-in to the GTM strategy before you build it that includes: involving the team in the strategy development process, as this can increase their ownership and commitment to the GTM p
RJ Gazarek
Principal Product Marketing Manager at Refactored Marketing, LLC | Formerly Veracode, Atlassian, AmplitudeFebruary 2
I've found in my career that when I create the strategy on my own, it's much harder to convince everyone else to buy into it. However, suppose I include those other marketing teams much earlier in the
Andrew Hahn
Product Marketing Manager at | Formerly OracleNovember 22
Getting everyone on board after you're done is a lot harder if they haven't been involved from the start. Give the GTM plan an iterative process treatment. Start with a rough draft and shop it around.