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Vishal Naik
Product Marketing Lead at Google | Formerly DocuSignJanuary 24
At DocuSign, there are product marketers across our main product categories, as well as industry and audience teams. Every company I've ever worked at has grouped their teams differently, so I tend to
Rekha Srivatsan
Vice President Product Marketing at Salesforce August 11
I've done it in so many different ways! Few quick pointers:  The most important thing is to ensure every team member has a good swim lane and growth path.  Take your revenue goal and slice that evenl
Akshay Kerkar
Head of Product Marketing, Platform & Commerce at Atlassian December 22
The structure of the PMM team is usually a function of the size of the company and it’s GTM model. The “typical” SaaS PMM team has a set of Core PMMs that are focused on product, and usually a sister
Jasmine Jaume
Director, Product Marketing at Intercom November 10
In general, PMM roles at Intercom are more of the 'full stack' variety - i.e we cover the whole journey from feeding into the roadmap to launch, including competitive research, buyer/persona/market re
Jack Wei
Head of Product Marketing at Sendbird | Formerly SmartRecruiters, Mixpanel, DeloitteJanuary 10
Sendbird is an in-app conversations platform, where we help improve customer retention and conversion through chat, voice, video, and livestream APIs. Our team is structured as follows: GTM excellenc
Gregg Miller
VP of Product Marketing at Oyster® September 29
Our team is structured by audience type and discipline. We have one part of the team focused on our end users and prospects, another part of the team is focused on our partners, and a third on market
Mike Polner
Head of Marketing at Discord | Formerly Uber, Fivestars, Electronic ArtsDecember 12
Great question! I think about this one a lot...First off, it’s important to callout that there is no perfect org structure :)  In general, you have to identify what you’re optimizing towards and what
Lara McCaskill
Product Marketing Lead at Atlassian January 16
This all comes down to how is the rest of the business organized. If you're organizing in a way that's incongrous to everyone else in the org, you will not be setup for success. With smaller nimble te
Karen He
Product Marketing at Fiddler AI March 16
The PMM team structure depends on the size of the company, how technical the product is, and the GTM model. Company Size: As the company grows and scales, PMM tends to fall under the Marketing org an
Richard McClurg
Former CMO at Dejero | Formerly ON SemiconductorFebruary 23
It depends on multiple factors, as others have pointed out, including company size, number of markets served, number of products/solutions, GTM model, and alignment with the rest of the organization (