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(context: small company, still establishing product marketing function, no senior marketing leader to guide, lots of room to carve own path, looking for best ways to support success!)
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Christiana Rattazzi
VP, Industries & Platform Product Marketing at Okta November 2
I think there are a couple ways I'd think about it - and it would depend on what the PM organization looks like and the individual skills of the folks on the PMM team (if already in-seat).  Approach 1
Christine Sotelo-Dag
Director of Product Marketing & Customer Marketing at Mode Analytics March 17
The most straightforward way to manage this might be to divide the products between the two of you in an even way - where each of you has a clear line of ownership, end-to-end, of your skews. This wil
Jo Ann Sanders
VP Marketing at December 22
I would look at 2 vectors. What products/features are critical in winning deals. At Honeycomb, our Sales Engineering leader looked at all closed/won deals in a given time frame and indicated which pr
Katherine Kelly
Head of Product Marketing at Benchling | Formerly ExactTarget (Salesforce Marketing Cloud), Zendesk, Slack, SalesforceMay 19
Fun! It sounds like you have so much potential for impact. I would recommend looking at your external and internal factors. So it'd be tempting with a "complex" feature set to say - split it into equ
Raman Sharma
Vice President, Product Marketing at DigitalOcean August 17
I would recommend ruthless prioritization.  Work with your product counterparts to figure out the most important products from a business/strategy standpoint. Then make sure you are giving these prod
Sina Falaki
Head of Industry, Segment, and Solutions Marketing at Motive | Formerly ProcoreSeptember 20
Clear channels of ownership and a deep, relentless focus on prioritization is a must. I would have a product, product marketer on the product side in order to drive product adoption and assist in buil
Sarah Din
VP of Product Marketing at Quickbase January 19
There are always going to be a million things that you feel need to be done. PMMs by nature want to take on everything, but the fact is, even though things might seem critical, not everything needs to
Amanda Groves
Senior Director Product Marketing at Crossbeam | Formerly 6sense, JazzHR, Imagine Learning, AppsemblerSeptember 7
Firstly, I'm always happy to be a resource on this subject - just ping me on LinkedIn, this is quite a meaty ask/task. I would suggest splitting product coverage between the two of you, and contract o