Vidya Drego
VP of Product and Solutions Marketing at HubSpot

There are a couple of ways to think about advancement in a PMM career. You can specialize in a specific aspect of product marketing like inbound or product launches, for example. Or, you can broaden your experiences and amass experience in a variety of areas of PMM. In the current job market, there are plenty of opportunities for to follow either path. My recommendation is to find the aspects of PMM that you truly enjoy and balance that with your interest in learning and practicing different aspects of the role.

Savita Kini
Director of Product Management, Speech and Video AI at Cisco
In addition to the above -- I would say that "director" job differs from company to company. A director job at a startup is different from a Director job say at a bigger company with larger P&L responsibilities. This also depends on product marketing for different segments because even that varie...more
Jason Perocho
Vice President, Product Marketing at Braze
Tough question since titles vary from company to company. My answer for this question is strictly from a Salesforce perspective.  My expectation for a Sr. PMM to Director would be that they are able to build a team across all functions of PMM and align cross functional partners (PMs, AR, PR, Ca...more
Mike Flouton
VP, Product at Barracuda Networks
Off the top of my head, strategic thinking, ability to coach, hire, network, mentor, ability to think bigger than a single product, ability to form executive relationships. There's no silver bullet or training class for these skills - they all only come with time and experience. I see people cras...more