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Brandon Love

Brandon Love

Regional Sales Director

AMA: Regional Sales Director, Brandon Love
on Enterprise Sales

October 4 @ 10:00AM PST
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Regional Sales Director, Brandon Love on Enterprise Sales
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Top Questions
How do you effectively use data and analytics to make a compelling case for your product or service in an enterprise setting?
Can you share a tactical example of when you thought you did this well?
What are some of the top objections that you get from enterprise prospects, and how do you handle them? ie) concerns about cost, risk or vendor-in?
How do you prioritize which tools are useful to you to support your enterprise sales efforts, and what are key strategies around how you use them?
How do you manage and overcome the unique challenges and obstacles that can arise in enterprise sales?
How are your top performing enterprise reps doing to identify potential opportunities?
How do you identify a timeline on when to bring in internal stakeholders like customer success, IT, legal, sales engineering, c-suite?
What are some of the types of industry specific resources you tap into to stay on top of industry trends?
How do you set the right expectations and build excitement for new customers?
What do you want to see in an opportunity for you to want to tap your network to help your enterprise sales reps?
At what part do you loop in c-suite and execs into the sales process, and how do you ensure you’re effectively leveraging them?
How do you ensure you have all the right people on the prospects side and your internal side to manage complex deal structures and complex negotiations?
How do you effectively manage and prioritize multiple sales opportunities within an enterprise at the same time?