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Director of Product Marketing at Sprout Social, Inc.
I don’t know that this is really any different than creating and reenforcing a culture for any team, really. I think a great place to look for inspiration is your company's overall value system and culture.  For example, at Sprout Social, a few of our core values [
VP of Growth at Verifiable
Culture is something we think about a lot - think it's a bit of a requisite to do so when it's in your company's name. We have a saying here which is "Culture comes first, whether you're conscious of it or not" - so in my mind it's clear you absolutely NEED to be actively cultivating it and maint...more
Head of Marketing, IoT at Twilio
Love it! Excellent question. I always hire the best, so the usual cultural suspects such as passion, drive, skills, talent are a given. Beyond those, below is the team culture I like to create, which frankly are applicable to any function. But, at the end, I will provide some cultural traits tha...more