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VP, Brand & Marketing at Instacart
One way I have approached this is to bring the cross-functional team together for a Design Sprint. Sprints are one of the most effective ways to quickly align a team around key insights and develop a customer-centric product solution. Having PMMs participate in or even lead these sprints is a gre...more
Vice President, Marketing at Level Ex
Establish trust. Throughout my career in gaming, I have seen silos of functions where product doesn't communicate with marketing or design doesn't communicate with engineering- leading to fragmented consumer experiences. The way to break past territorial boundaries between marketing and des...more
Head of Product Marketing at Quizlet
Every team has a different dynamic with this. In my experience, the PMMs who are highly empathetic and clued into team dynamics do best in this scenario. One of the fears many designers and PMs share is “design by committee”. It’s important to ask for a seat at the table but in a way that’s not f...more
Sr. Director, Head of Product Marketing at DoorDash
Like all things, I think this comes down to trust building. When you're new, focus on building trust with PMs by showing that you can handle the highest priority, high impact problems they bring your way. Use this to show them that you know your stuff and can handle operating at the speed and pac...more
PMM Sr. Team Lead (Trello) at Atlassian
Over the years we've worked really hard to get PMMs a seat at the table when it comes to working with the predetermined product triad - Engineering Manager, Product Manager, Designer. I've found that building individual relationships with each of these people is key to getting brought in to highe...more
VP Product Marketing at AppZen
This can definitely be a challenge, depending on the relationship between PM and PMM. There are a number of approaches that can help. 1. If you have had a prior launch that didn't go as perfectly as everyone hoped, have a conversation with them about some of the challenges that, easy to see in...more