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Senior Director, Fintech Product Marketing at Visa
A couple of factors come to mind here. In general, consider what stage of the product lifecycle a particular product is in. That is usually a key factor that will inform the volume of sales enablement support you provide. Another factor to take into account is which product have largest busines...more
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Twilio
The ultimate goal of sales enablement is to make sure the sales team is equipped to sell but also, they should “sell what's on the truck.” You can use the same mental model to justify the amount of sales enablement as you do when prioritizing: 1) Where are the biggest areas of opportunity? Are th...more
Sr. Director, Product Marketing at HubSpot
This is a similar question to another one so sharing the same answer :)   The best way in my opinion is to zoom out and look at it through the lens of the company's main goals (usually revenue goals). Are those areas being served well? And prioritize from there. Also, where are there the bigg...more
Director, Product Marketing at Coupa Software
I always start with the outcome that matters to the company then back out what needs to happen to drive that outcome. For example, if we need to launch a product that drives XYZ in revenue over the first year, I will try to back out how much pipeline is needed and what kinds of win rates need to ...more