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Founder at BrainKraft

Qualitative gets you what you don't know. Quantitative tells you how many. From a messaging standpoint which problems, issues, needs have the biggest population? Let the quantitative guide you rather than opinions. 

Founder at Silicon Valley Go To Market Dojo
There is art and science to messaging. Quantitative data AND qualitative input from the team is critical. You can't do this ina vacuum. There are in my mind 2 things, the story, and the value messages. The story is YOUR CUSTOMER'S story, how your offering TRANSFORMS their world, you are the magic...more
Co-Founder at Scoot Insights - Agile, Efficient, Effective.
Nice thought John - the challenge of boiling down lots of different data sources into a concentrated syrup of goodness.  As an independent qualitative researcher, I couldn't agree more, BUT be sure to share your strategic context and clear objectives with your researcher so they know beyond a dou...more
Senior Director of Corporate Marketing at Handshake
Insights are extremely important and should always be an input into your messaging architecture or recommendation. Market and customer insights are one of the best ways to make a case for your recommendation, in fact.  So you don't get stuck in an analysis paralysis state, I'd do a quick audit...more
Head of Global Product Marketing at Airbnb
Great question. Having a compelling insight into why a product is truly worth using is arguably the most important part of a launch. A launch is like building a tower. If the ground underneath is soft, it's not going to end well. Finding solid ground is easier said than done. Sometimes there is n...more