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Senior Director, Product Marketing at Twilio
Prioritization is always tough. Every stakeholder has a different perspective on what they are looking to achieve. The ultimate goal of sales enablement is to make sure the sales team is equipped to sell and i’d also add they should focus on “selling what is on the truck.” To share a bit more of...more
Sr. Director, Product Marketing at HubSpot
Really good question and there are many ways to address this. The best way in my opinion is to zoom out and look at it through the lens of the company's main goals (usually revenue goals). Are those areas being served well?  Also, where are there the biggest knowledge gaps? You have to be care...more
Head of Product Marketing, Jira Align at Atlassian
You have several products with release dates next to each other and limited resources, so what do you do? Here’s how you can think of this: first, identify the releases with the highest ‘tier’ or ‘priority’ (classification of release tiers vary company by company). The highest priority feature is...more
VP Product Marketing at Medallia
I am not sure I understand this question but let me try. It starts with the corporate objective - what is the revenue goal for each product. Sales Enablement will need to focus on the product by priority. You also need to consider the lifestage of the product. For example, a new product may ne...more