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Founder at BrainKraft

Two things to consider. 1) What are the goals of the launch? If you don't have launch goals then figure that out first. 2) If your launch goals can be achieved faster through existing customers, focus there. 

Head of Global Product Marketing at Airbnb
It's always easier to sell in new things to an existing audience than try and build a new one. It also depends on your philosophy. If it is like Airbnb's original, "Get 100 people to love you rather than a million people to sort of like you," you should focus on your existing users. If you feel l...more
Founder at BrainKraft
The answer depends on the strategy of the business and how success is measured. If the strategy is to drive new revenue through new market segments, I'll lean adoption for the target market segment. If it's top line only and I have a customer base with a need, I'll lean toward them. If I'm target...more
Director of Product Marketing at Searchmetrics
For a SaaS products, Recurring Revenue is what sustains the business. Since selling to existing customers is easier and quicker than finding and converting new prospects, it should certainly be part of the new product launch. (This assumes that the new product is appropriate for existing customer...more
Head of End-User Marketing at Airtable
This is a great question! It depends on what the new product/feature is, who the target audience is, and what your goals are for the launch but, more often than not, there is significant opportunity to drive adoption and upgrades within your current base rather than focusing solely on net new use...more