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Director of Enterprise Product Marketing at Amplitude
I think that list is correct and you should prioritize this list depending on your business. In addition to the above, I would advise getting a tool like or Chorus or Gong will help you scale as your team scales in getting customer feedback both on the new business side as well...more
Senior Director, SMB Product Marketing at Salesforce
You have all the right line items! In addition, I'd recommend: * Focus groups for messaging/positioning/pricing & packaging: I'm a huge fan of getting feedback from prospects and customers on any new changes. This helps to have impactful content.  * Video editor/agency: Having a 3rd part...more
Head of Product Marketing, Cisco Meraki at Cisco
Aim high, and ask for more than you think you'll need - but not by more than 15-20%. People will always be your biggest budget line item in PMM - we're the most valuable asset because structured thinking and positioning can't really be outsourced or delegated to software. However, key items that...more
Head of Global Product Marketing at Qualtrics
I would recommend doing a listening tour with your key stakeholder teams in the organization (product, sales, growth, enablement, partner) to help inform your priorities, as budget items could be almost limitless. It's also important to understand the state of your product and where it might need...more
Head of Marketing, Cloud Enterprise at Atlassian
A few other things to consider: * Your team's research needs (qual and/or quant)  * Any analyst-related spent (either for research reports or to engage w/ analysts) * Content-related needs -- always a good idea to work with a good content agency to flex your capacity when needed * And ...more
VP Product Marketing at Medallia
This is a good list to start with. I will add a couple: * Analyst/3rd party thought leadership pieces: Having independent, 3rd party content is very helpful. If you are focused on the Enterprise, having content from top tier analysts is helpful. I have worked with Gartner, Forrester, The ...more