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Free ebook: A Marketer's Guide To Sales Enablement

This eBook details the six tenets to sales enablement greatness: 1. The Technology: smart investments in marketing and sales technologies empower cross-departmental visibility and communication. 2. The People: accountability and structure must be etched into the hierarchy of your staff. 3. Definition Agreements: defining and aligning on definitions like contacts, leads, and opportunities gets sales and marketing on the same page. 4. Process Agreements: learn proven cross-channel strategies that marketers can take to communicate with sales. 5. Revenue: how to root marketing goals in revenue, and as a result earn the respect of the sales team. 6. The Data & Metrics learn specific examples of what to track to measure the impact of sales enablement like sales cycle lengths, lead-to-MQL conversion rates, and more. Download the eBook now, and get fast-tracked to better sales enablement strategies.

Table Of Contents

Pg 3 - Introduction Pg 8 -Technology Pg 13 - People Pg 22 - Definition Agreement Pg 27 - Process Agreement Pg 34 - Root It In Revenue Pg 36 - Metrics & Data Pg 41 - Worksheet

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A Marketer's Guide To Sales Enablement INDEX x 3-7 Introduction ch .I 8-12 technology Ch .II 13-21 people ch .III 22-26 definition agreement ch .IV 27-33 process agreement ch .v 34-35 root it in revenue ch .vi 36-40 metrics & data WRKSH 41-49 worksheet Introduction What if i told you the sales team could be a Marketer’s biggest champion? Would you believe me? probably not the rift between sales and marketing is so old and often repeated it would border on cliche - if it wasn’t so true