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Free ebook: Content at Scale: Building a Content Marketing Framework for the Enterprise

What's standing in the way of your content-focused marketing strategy? An integrated approach to enterprise content marketing takes collaboration and communication across the organization. Easier said than done—particularly for enterprise marketers. But what's blocking the way, and how can marketers overcome these obstacles? Kapost's content strategists, who've helped hundreds of customers get integrated marketing strategies up and...Read More

Table Of Contents

Pg 4 - I. The Barriers to an Integrated Marketing Strategy Pg 6 - II. Meet Kapost’s Content Strategists Pg 8 - III. Leave the Content Island Behind Pg 13 - IV. Establish Visibility and Flexibility Pg 18 - V. Create Your First Content Pillar Pg 22 - VI. Scale Your Enterprise Content Operation

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CONTENT at SCALEBUILDING A CONTENT MARKETING FRAMEWORK for the ENTERPRISEINDEXI. The Barriers to an Integrated Marketing Strategy 4II. Meet Kapost’s Content Strategists 6III. Leave the Content Island Behind 8 Get the Organization Involved 9 1. Find an Executive Sponsor 9 2. Establish a Content Board 10 3. Treat Ideation like a Brainstorm, Then Cluster Ideas into Themes 11 4. Market and Share Your Content Internally 12IV. Estab...Read More
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