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Free ebook: Content Ideas: The First-Ever Research on Marketing Content Ideation

This report includes thoughts on ideation from Erin Provey, Service Director at SiriusDecisions, and new research insights, including: - DEMAND FOR IDEAS: 99% of marketers report needing a consistent pipeline of fresh ideas for content production, but only half of marketers (51%) report having enough ideas to be successful. - DISCREPANCY AMONG TEAMS: 80% of marketing execs feel they have enough ideas to be successful, but only 52% of marketing managers feel the same way. - IDEATION PROCESS: 1 in 3 marketers say they do a good job using internal resources for coming up with new ideas, but 2 in 3 marketers want a better process.

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Pg 3 - Audience Summary 3 Pg 4 - Top 10 Findings: The Quick and Dirty Stats Pg 6 - Key Findings and Analytics Pg 11 - Complete Data Pg 19 - Idea Generation Workbook

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CONTENT IDEAS The First-Ever Research on Marketing Content Ideation INDEX Audience Summary 3 Top 10 Findings: The Quick and Dirty Stats 4 Key Findings and Analytics 6 Complete Data 11 Idea Generation Workbook 19 SURVEY AUDIENCE Methodology Kapost surveyed B2B marketers in February and March of 2015 in order to understand how marketers come up with ideas for content, how many ideas it takes to achieve marketing goals, and the processes B2B marketers are (or are not) using to siphon ideas into creative pipelines. JOB LEVEL C-level - 1.5% VP - 9.8% Director - 31.8% Manager - 42.7% Specialist/ Coordinator -14.2%