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Free ebook: Content: the Force That Moves the Buyer Down the Funnel

In this eBook by Kapost, the leading provider of content marketing software, find out how modern marketers have implemented content marketing strategies to re-empower their marketing and sales organizations, impact purchase decisions, build trust, and generate quality leads. IN THIS EBOOK, YOU’LL FIND: - An examination of the new buyer's journey and marketing's new role. - A content marketing comic book (yes, a comic book). - A side by side comparison of old-school vs. content-powered marketing. - Recommended next steps from content marketing superheroes such as Joe Pulizzi (Content Marketing Institute), Joe Chernov (Kinvey), Barabara Saxby (Accelent Consulting), Todd Wheatland (Kelly OCG), and more!

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Content: the Force That Moves the Buyer Down the Funnel The Modern Marketer uses her content power ring to guide buyer down the funnel. Mean-while the old school marketer, a nefarious villain tries to defeat the buyer with his barrage of product messaging. Bang! Curses, the buyer is now in control.