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Free ebook: The Multi-Channel Content Distribution Guide

Marketers are struggling to streamline distribution efforts across all of their digital channels. As a result, up to 70% of their content goes unused. This template is your step-by-step guide to multi-channel distribution with the "content pillar" approach. In it, you'll learn how to: - Align and optimize your distribution efforts - Deliver the right content at every stage of the buying cycle - Drive conversions from your target audien...Read More

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Pg 4 - It’s Time to Cut the Content Waste Pg 7 - Identify Your Theme Pg 9 - Build Your Pillar Pg 16 - Distribute the Content Pg 21 - Optimize and Repeat Pg 23 - Appendix: Multi-Channel Content Distribution Examples

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THE MULTI-CHANNEL CONTENT DISTRIBUTION GUIDE TABLE OF CONTENTS It’s Time to Cut the Content Waste 4 Identify Your Theme 7 Build Your Pillar 9 Distribute the Content 16 Optimize and Repeat 21 Appendix: Multi-Channel Content Distribution Examples 23 IT’S TIME TO CUT THE CONTENT WASTE If you want to drive traffic, leads, and revenue for your business, you need to distribute content consistently across an ever-expanding list of...Read More