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Free ebook: The Product Marketing Playbook: Get Alignment Across Teams For An All-Star Go-to-Market Strategy

B2B product marketers keep sales, marketing, and product moving toward the same goal. But with so many players, it's easy to drop the ball, resulting in lost deals, departmental blame games, and flimsy product messaging. B2B product marketers face distinctly different challenges from other marketing functions—so we wrote a playbook exclusively for you. Get your copy of The B2B Product Marketing Playbook, and learn specific tactics to: ...Read More

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Pg 5 - The New Age of B2B Product Marketing Pg 7 - Introducing the Product Marketer: The Glue Holding It All Together Pg 9 - B2B VS B2C Product marketing: A Whole New ball game Pg 10 - Mid-Funnel Stall: A B2B Product Marketer's Uphill Battle Pg 11 - Listen to Prospects and Customers Pg 13 - Assemble your stakeholders * Product management: your biggest ally * Corporate Marketing: Forming a Cohesive Message * Sales: Eliminating "Off the Cuff" Selling * Customer Service: The cherry on the top of your go-to-market strategy Pg 18 - Align content goals with defined stages Pg - 21 - Build visibility into your content production process * Step 1: map the process-identify key tasks and roles * Step 2: Assign Content Tasks and Workflows. * Step 3: Establish Accountability-set deadlines early * Step 4: Schedule collaborative meetings in advance Pg 27 - Leverage all channels for a closed-loop, Go-to-market strategy * Internal channels * External channels Pg 31 - Measure Internal Reach: How Other teams use and share your collateral Pg 33- Measure external Reach: Performance across channels Pg 34 - Track the right metrics to avoid mid-funnel stall

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The B2BPRODUCT MARKETINGPLAYBOOKGetAlignmentACROSS TEAMSFOR ANAll-StarGo-to-MarketSTRATEGYPLUSHOW TO GET SALES TO FIND (AND USE) YOUR COLLATERALINDEXINDEXC l i c k o n t i t l e t o j u m p to Desired SectionThe B2B Product Marketing Playbook 5 »The New Age of B2B Product Marketing ...........................................................5 »Introducing the Product Marketer: The Glue Holding It All Together .........Read More
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