Free ebook: A Product Marketer’s Guide to Creating Battlecards that Win

For Product Marketers, accessing reams of web-scale competitive intelligence is the easy part. It’s turning that data into something actionable that takes skill. In this guide, Product Marketers and Competitive Intelligence practitioners learn: - The value of competitive battlecards - Building competitive battlecards your sales reps will actually use - Making competitive intel accessible to team members - The 8 things that your battlecards should have (if you want to win) - The easiest way to build effective battlecards - And much more

Table Of Contents

Pg 2 - Introduction Pg 4 - Part 2: Building Sales Battlecards That Your Sales Reps Will Actually Use Pg 10 - Part 3: The Trouble with Battlecards Pg 17 - Part 4: The 8 Things That Every Battlecard Should Have (If You Want To Win)

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A Product Marketer’s Guide to Creating Battlecards that Win What’s a Battlecard? Kill sheets. Positioning docs. Competitor decks. Battlecards. Whatever you call them, they are the single most important tool your teams have in late-stage selling. Successful businesses use them to win deals, increase business and keep customers happy when competitors get too close. There is increased pressure on sales and retention channels due to new, disruptive players, elevated customer expectations, new tech and unpredictable economic conditions. Your sales strategy needs to be strong, your sales reps need to be prepared and you must have the tools in place to support it. Sales battlecards arm your sales teams with detailed intelligence designed to sell to a specific customer, with unique needs who is considering known competitors. (If they’re unknown, you have bigger problems than closing a deal.) Consider, too, the frequency of contact between your customers and other team members, such as customer success and call centre agents. How prepared are they to manage your valuable relationships? What tools do they have access to that can be used quickly to understand and connect with your customers? Competitive Sales Battlecards Winning sales battlecards dig deep on facts and insight. They are up-to-date and readily available. They position your sales rep as an expert, someone who ‘knows.’ A source of knowledge not just about your own product, but also the market and every competitor that the potential customer is familiar with—and some they’re not. The best battlecards deliver only what the sales rep needs to understand the buyer’s needs and what the competitor is offering to meet those needs. What’s the product? How are they pitching it? What are they saying about you? Key bullets and questions help guide and influence the customer through final decision-making process. At that point, you will know what the buyer needs and which competitors are being considered. You will likely have an abundance of data on each of them and you may be tempted to include it all on your battlecards. Do not. It’s all captured in a clear and concise battlecard that can be updated quickly and accessed immediately, from anywhere.