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Free ebook: Predictive Playbook: Account-based Marketing

PREDICTIVE PLAYBOOK Where Does Account-based Marketing Fit inYour Demand Gen Strategy? For years, B2B organizations have built out list after list of targeted accounts to prioritize their outbound efforts. However, modern marketing teams need to take a more scientific approach in order to successfully identify, attract and convert prospects into paying customers. Make account-based marketing (ABM) an effective part of your demand generatio...Read More

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Predictive Playbook: Account-based Marketing PREDICTIVE PLAYBOOK: ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING We know how hard it is being a marketer today. So we’ve bundled smart ideas and tactics from elite marketers in our organization and beyond into a series of playbooks. These playbooks are designed to help diehard marketers like you align predictive marketing and lead scoring with today’s buying cycle. By applying these straightforward suggestions...Read More