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Free ebook: Product Launch Plan & Communication Guide: Guidelines to develop your launch plan

This document will help you outline and track your progress throughout each stage of the product launch process. The product launch guide includes tips for: - Mapping out content creation - Generating buzz around the launch - Training sales and channel partners - Capturing feedback and continuing the momentum of the launch Whether you're in the initial planning phase or about ready to launch, this checklist can help ensure you have everything covered.

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Product Launch Plan & Communication Guide Guidelines to develop your launch plan Product Launch Plan & Communication Guide Whether you're a new to product management or a veteran of product launches, there's no denying the anticipation of opportunity along with the stress of accomplishing all of the tasks the launch team faces. As the launch date approaches, the flurry of activity increases, making it easy to overlook something or cut corners. Keeping track of who is responsible for what and when challenges even the most organized. Many business leaders find it is in their best interest to seek external support to help organize and execute key activities. According to the Corporate Executive Board, the top three challenges that impede a successful product launch include: Product planning Internal communications Product launch execution across a launch team comprised of people from broad disciplines including engineering, marketing, sales, supply chain and customer support Shifting from product development to product launch can complicate who owns what and when. Product launches fail most often due to: 1. Focus on design and manufacturing, postponing launch planning 2. Lack of preparation for rapid ramp-up 3. Overpromising on product claims 4. Lack of compelling value proposition 5. Customer education curve This guide will address the planning and alignment that are fundamentally required to avoid these common traps. Stages of Product Launch Often the product launch plan is captured in a high-level product development plan; however to get it right, a separate, more detailed launch plan is best. You can segment your plan into phases: 1. Initial planning 2. Pre-launch activities 3. Sales & channel launch readiness 4. Launch day 5. Post launch follow-up Use the following guidelines to develop your launch plan. We’ve made it so you can outline and keep track of your progress one phase at a time. Phase I: Initial Planning Key questions and activities: What’s the key objective of the product launch? Examples of key objectives: Grow share-of-wallet with existing customers Target new market or geography Leverage new technology What metrics will you use to measure success the objective(s)? Who is the customer the product is targeting and how will the product benefit them? Customer traits: What they’ll like about the product: Write a succinct positioning statement that will serve as the basis for your external and internal communications. Launch team participation and buy-in is key. To___________________________, ______________________ is the _____________________________________ that__________________________________ because_________________________________________________. For example: “To deadline-oriented business people, Federal Express is the overnight package delivery service that is most reliable because of its sophisticated package tracking system.”