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Webinars are a powerful tool for communicating with your customers, prospects and employees across multiple time zones and geographies. However, your webinars are only as good as your ability to get people to attend them. Download the “ON24 Driving Webinar Registration Best Practices Guide," and discover how to maximize your webinar attendance by learning: - When to start your webinar’s promotion cycle - The most effective promotional vehicles - Best week day and time to host your webinars for maximum attendance - Tips for creating effective registration and landing pages

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DRIVING WEBINAR REGISTRATION BEST PRACTICES GUIDE DRIVING REGISTRATION IS A CHALLENGE Driving webinar registration and attendance is a major struggle for most companies. While webinars are a powerful tool for communicating with customers, prospects, and employees across multiple time zones and geographies, they are only as good as your ability to get people to attend them. Today, there has never been more competition for the time and attention of target audiences. We regularly poll groups about their top webinar challenges, and the #1 answer, every time, is driving registration. BIGGEST CHALLENGES TO DELIVERING SUCCESSFUL WEBINAR DRIVING REGISTRATION 43% PROVIDING ENGAGING EXPERIENCE 11% EXTENDING THE VALUE OF THE WEBINAR 16% GATHERING ATTENDEE FEEDBACK 31% There are three reasons that generating webinar registration is so difficult: 1] WEBINARS ARE EVERYWHERE. Countless organizations use webinars to exhibit thought leadership, engage customers and prospects, and collect new leads. As a result, your target audience has many webinars to choose from — often at the same time as yours. 2] PEOPLE ARE BUSIER THAN EVER. In this era of downsized workforces and 24/7 communications, everyone is working longer and harder than ever. Asking someone to give up an hour in the middle of a workday when they are already under enormous time pressure requires a very compelling value proposition. 3] MOMENTS OF RECEPTIVITY ARE ELUSIVE. Often, registration is simply a matter of timing. If someone is having a bad day or is intently focused on a big presentation later that day, they may delete your webinar invitation even if the topic is relevant to them. On a different day, they may be very receptive to your message. To increase registration, marketers must optimize invitation delivery to maximize its likelihood of arriving during a moment of receptivity. START EARLY, FINISH STRONG Many organizations begin promoting their webinars less than a week before a scheduled event. However, ON24 benchmark data shows you can increase your registration a hefty 42% by promoting it more than seven days in advance. To avoid overwhelming a prospect’s inbox, we recommend emailing the first invitation 14 days ahead of the webinar, a second invitation seven days in advance, and a third invitation either the day before or the day of the event. START EARLY, FINISH STRONG LEVERAGE THE BEST TOOLS While effective webinar promotion calls for using your full arsenal of marketing tools, 8 out of 10 registrations come from four sources: email, your website, an email from the sales department, and third-party promotions. Of these, email is by far the biggest driver of registrations, often generating 60–80% of webinar registrations. That’s why it is essential to take advantage of best practices in your email promotions. MOST EFFECTIVE TOOLS FOR DRIVING REGISTRATION REGISTER THE WEEK OF LIVE WEBINAR 58% REGISTER MORE THAN ONE WEEK BEFORE LIVE WEBINAR 42% OVER 15 DAYS 23% 8 TO 14 DAYS 19% 1 TO 7 DAYS 31% THE DAY OF 26% 80% OF THE MIX 1 Email 2 Website 3 Emails from sales 4 Third party content syndication, newsletters, etc. 20% OF THE MIX 5 Partners 6 Banner ads / text ads 7 SEM 8 Social media