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If you need a little help to create perfect webinars, download our new white paper, “How to Build a Killer Webinar Presentation.” In this guide, you’ll learn the step-by-step basics of crafting a great webinar presentation, including: - Putting the audience first - Turning ideas into stories - Adding interactivity to your webinars - Killer webinar presentations are easier than you think. Get the white paper today and make your next webinar a solid A+.

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HOW TO BUILD A KILLER WEBINAR PRESENTATION WEBINARS THAT ROCK VS. WEBINARS THAT FIZZLE It’s probably safe to assume that no one starts their webinar plan with the intention of settling for the same old standard corporate blah. Mediocre webinars just sort of... happen. And, according to a recent ON24 webinar poll, they happen a lot: WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE TO DELIVERING A SUCCESSFUL WEBINAR? STANDARD CORPORATE PRESENTATION 63.9% WHO KNOWS? WE’RE JUST HAPPY TO GET THE LEADS 16.8% WE ARE BORING OUR AUDIENCE TO TEARS 13.6% THEY ARE TOTALLY ENTHRALLING 5.8% What would it take to make our webinars better? We don’t need bigger budgets or better headsets (no matter how much we’d love to get bigger budgets and better headsets). What we really need is a change of perspective. When most of us think about webinar success, we think in terms of tangible marketing goals: registrations, leads, and conversions. If those are our only goals, even our most “successful” webinars will be missing something. And that something is audience appeal. To be successful on every level, we need to plan webinars with the audience perspective in mind — and audiences have very different success metrics for the webinars they attend: Was it educational? Did it address my pain points? Could I relate? Can I use this information right away? The following pages will take you through creating a webinar presentation step-by-step, from concept to the finishing touch on your final slide, in a way that puts the audience first. ARE YOU TALKING TO ME? The very first question you should ask when you start planning a webinar is a simple one: Who is the target audience for this event? If you can’t answer that question, you’re probably delivering a webinar for yourself instead of your market — and that’s the best way to guarantee a resounding response of, “meh.” Consider where your target audience is in the buying cycle. If they’ve only just become aware of the products and services you offer, you can appeal to them with a thought leadership webinar that will educate them about the space. On the other hand, if you want to reach people who are close to a purchase, consider delivering live product demos or short webinars that focus on specific, differentiating features and benefits. Once you know where your webinar fits in the audience’s path to purchase, tailor your message to their needs at the moment. What benefit can you deliver to people at this stage? That benefit will give you the topic of your webinar. Here are a few approaches that will get you to an audience- centric topic: • Solve problems • Address pain-points • Present new ideas • Challenge the status quo • Highlight new practices