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Free ebook: Connected Apps: The New Battleground for Video Services

With OTT competition heating up, everyone wants to reach audiences with more tailored video experiences. See why video apps on connected devices are playing a key role in digital video. Pay TV providers want to reach consumers on all screens. Broadcasters want more reach for their advertisers. Cable networks want to engage their loyal audiences. All these players have something in common: They’re turning to video apps on connected devices to r...Read More

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Connected Apps:The New Battleground for Video Services In a real sense, the OTT video industry is returning to its roots. In its early days, part of Netflix’s value proposition was its near ubiquity across Internet-connected platforms. Whether you wanted to watch a movie on your computer or your Nintendo 3DS portable game player, Netflix was there – providing access to content in places that pay TV did not. Eventually, having the Netflix ap...Read More