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Ooyala’s new e-book shows how programmatic technologies are thriving in the new holistic era of video advertising Publishers don’t have to choose between programmatic and direct any more. Our new e-book contains a three-part series, an edited version of which originally appeared on Digiday. It shows how today’s holistic ad platforms and other new premium tools are changing the game. Restoring the Balance: How Programmatic Levels the Playing Fi...Read More

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RESTORING THE BALANCE HOW PROGRAMMATIC LEVELS THE PLAYING FIELD FOR BUYERS AND SELLERS INTRODUCTION In the current programmatic environment, where so much publisher data has been made available to ad buyers, publishers are faced with a dilemma: How can they best strike a balance between their needs and those of their buyers? In this exploration of the sell side delving into programmatic, we will examine how premium publishers are balan...Read More