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Free ebook: Guide To Competitive Messaging: Own your competitive advantage & increase your perceived value with the right messaging

Prospects buy from you — and customers buy more from you — when they perceive that your company, and its products or services, are better than those of your competitors. That's why you need to develop competitive messages that truly resonate with your target audience and convey your company's unique value. Understanding and communicating your competitive messaging is critical to success for expansion-stage companies. This guide covers how t...Read More

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Pg 1 - Foreword Pg 2 - Understanding Competitive Messaging: What is it and Why Does it Matter? Pg 2 - Competitive Messaging Defined Pg 3 - An Array of Business Benefits Pg 5 - The Key Players Pg 6 - Competitive Messaging in Action: Getting Started Pg 6 - Checklist for the CEO/Executive Team Pg 7 - Checklist for the Internal Manager Pg 8 - Quickstart Guide for the Internal Manager Pg 8 - Choosing Your Target Segments Pg 9 - Auditing Your Current Messaging Pg 10 - Identifying Your Company’s Deliverables Pg 11- Creating Competitive Messages Pg 12 - Using Market Research to Understand Customers and Competitive Messaging Pg 17 - Revisiting Competitive Messaging Statements Pg 18 - Implementing the Findings Pg 19 - Common Pitfalls, Practical Solutions Pg 20 - Metrics for Reviewing Pg 21 - Competitive Messaging as a Company-Level Strategy Pg 21 - Next Steps Pg 22 - Additional Resources

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GUIDE TO COMPETITIVE MESSAGING Own your competitive advantage & increase your percieved value with the right messaging Much of the content contained in this eBook was gathered through first-hand experience working with Jaynie Smith, CEO and President of Smart Advantage, Inc. When Smart Advantage, Inc., helps companies identify and articulate their competitive advantages within their marketing and sales message, those companies often ...Read More