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Free ebook: A Practical Guide to Statistics for Online Experiments: How anyone can think and act like a statistician

Think and act like a statistician. Statistics is a core competency of any optimization program. Boost your stats skills with an actionable overview of how to run statistically rigorous experiments. Learn about statistical significance, statistical error, and the concepts behind Optimizely’s Stats Engine: - Best practices for running your experiments to statistical significance - Tips for communicating results, optimizing low-traffic pa...Read More

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Pg.4 - 1. Why we need statistics pg 5 - 2. How statistics have been traditionally used Pg 6 - 3. How statistics have (or haven't) adapted for the online world - Misunderstanding of statistics leads to errors - CalcTulating sample size Pg 9 - 4. What you need to know about statistical error Pg 10 - 5. How Optimizely is creating an always-valid results calculation - Continuous monitoring error - Multiple comparisons error Pg 13 - 6. Tips for running a statistically sound experiment Pg 14 - 7. How to communicate experiment results - Confidence intervals Pg 16 - 8. How to set your statistical significance threshold Pg 18 - 9. How to reach statistical significance if you have low traffic Pg 21 - 10. Statistical terms glossary

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A Practical Guide to Statistics for Online Experiments How anyone can think and act like a statistician Hello, This is Pete Koomen. Just a quick thank-you for downloading this guide and taking the time to dive into a topic that we’re passionate about here at Optimizely. We’ve spent the past few years building a company and a product that enables our customers to turn data into action. We want to make it possible for anyone, in any compan...Read More