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Free ebook: The Complete Guide to Optimizing Demand Generation

Download the guide and learn how to get more out of your existing demand generation programs. Any successful B2B marketing team needs to be constantly innovating in order to meet its targets—with little to no increase in resources or budget. How can you build a program that will enable you to consistently do more with less? Optimizing your demand gen programs with testing and personalization will help you get the most engagement from every ...Read More

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Table of Contents CHAPTER 1 The Optimization Opportunity 04 CHAPTER 2 Moving From a Pipeline to a Customer Lifecycle 06 CHAPTER 3 How to Become More Efficient at Each Stage of the Funnel 12 CHAPTER 4 Don’t Server Everyone at Once: How to Target Marketing to Audiences 26 CHAPTER 5 Drive Marketing-Sales Alignment with Account-Based Marketing 28

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The Complete Guide to Optimizing Demand Generation The opportunities you may be missing, and how to do more with less Introduction A high-growth B2B organization needs to constantly innovate in order to meet its targets. For the B2B marketer there will always be contradictions to balance throughout the customer lifecycle. Questions like: • How do I allocate budget to drive the right type of visitors to my website without sacrificin...Read More