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The best marketing organizations in the world are measurably helping sales to improve their interactions with prospective buyers by making sales readiness a top priority. With these sales enablement efforts, they are achieving shorter sales cycles, higher lead conversions, and higher quota achievement. Download the Grande Guide to Sales Enablement and learn why marketing should provide sales with: - Prioritized leads based on buyer fit & behavior; - Relevant behavioral data summarizing prospect interests; - Easy-to-use technologies to track their hottest prospects; - A library of content and assets to build trust along different stages of the buyers’ journey. What is Sales Enablement? IDC defines sales enablement as “The delivery of the right information to the right person at the right time and in the right place to assist in moving a specific sales opportunity forward.” Who is in a better position than Marketing help with that?

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Pg 2 - What's a "Grande Guide"? Pg 2 - Why Sales Enablement Matters Today Pg 2 - What is Sales Enablement? Pg 2 - Why Do I Need to Understand Sales Enablement Personally? Pg 3 - Why Does My Business Need to Understand Sales Enablement? Pg 3 - Sales Enablement Basics Pg 3 - The Key to Success: Understanding Digital Body Language Pg 4 - Sales Enablement Tools and Technologies Pg 5 - Sales Enablement Best Practices Pg 5 - Sales Enablement in Action Pg 6 - What's Next in Sales Enablement Pg 6 - Sales Enablement Resources

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The Grande Guide To Sales Enablement What's a "Grande Guide"? We know what the typical day is like for marketers. After all, we are marketers ourselves. Between brainstorming and strategy sessions, last-minutes request and impromptu meetings ("It'll just take a minute, really!"), and trips to meet colleagues and customers, you can barely find time to breath, never mind keep up with the latest marketing trends. that's why we've developed the Grande Guide series. In the time it takes you to drink a cup of coffee, you can become proficient on a key marketing topic, in this case sales enablement. Why Sales Enablement Matters Today Let's face it. Nobody wants to be sold. Especially by a salesperson. Really, when was the last time you even answered an unidentified call at work, much less listen patiently as an overeager sales rep fumbled through a script? The same is true for your prospect. That's why they avoid your salespeople until last possible minute, instead educating themselves by accessing publicly available information and connecting with peers online until they've narrow down their options. In fact, Sirius Decisions estimates that the buyer's journey is 70% complete by the time salesperson is contacted. While you can't blame a prospect (In fact, odds are, you follow the same process when you are prospect), this shift places buyers in control of the sales cycle. And that forces corresponding changes in how your organization sells. The winning sales rep is not the one you can "hunt," "farm," or "close," but the one who consult with prospect to simplify their decision-making process based on a keen understanding on buyers interest and behavior. When a prospect finally reaches out, your sales rep had better understand everything their is to know about the buyer and be prepared to deliver value. Immediately. That's where sales enablement comes in. What is Sales Enablement? Sales Enablement - also refereed to as Sales readiness - is about helping today's salesperson deliver the right content to the right person at the right time to facilitate this (mostly independent) buying process. And it's up to you to get your sales team ready, namely by making it easy to access and use the following: A prioritized list of who to contact next based on lead quality and purchase intent Behavioral data that summarizes prospect interest and intent Tools that help salespeople track their hottest prospects and alert them to key activities as they advance through the buying process A library of content aligned to their specific stages of the buying process that helps build trust and rapport with the buyer - and ultimately help their prospect to reach a favorable purchase decision. Why Do I need To Understand Sales Enablement Personally? your success as a marketer depends on your ability to help the sales team sell. While a number of factor play into this success, passing of knowledge and content is the key. After all, many salespeople spends inordinate amounts of time researching prospects, contacting those unlikely (or not ready) to move forward, and creating content to facilitate the buying process. What if you could tell your sales reps what each prospect is interested in so they could communicate more intelligently about topic that resonate? and what if you armed your reps with the tools and content to easily engage and keep in touch with hot prospects? Your salespeople could then focus on building strong relationship with prospects and guiding them to a buying decision - and your perceived value would really raise. "The measurement of demand creation and the sales pipeline begins the process of co-ownership of the funnel by both marketing and sales ; clearly identifies the role that both play in the health of an organization's new business pursuits; and systematizes the fact that funnel top will result in healthier funnel bottom." -Sirius Decision Why does my business need to understand sales enablement? > So why should your company care about sales enablement?If your organization is like most others, it spends a lot of money on sales. And because it's making such a investment, it wants to squeeze out the most productivity and greatest result possible from the sales team. Sales enablement allows your company to do just that. Sales enablement basics > Effective Sales enablement helps your marketing team pass higher quality leads to sales, allowing your sales reps to focus on higher priority activities. This in turns drives the steadier, more predictable pipeline. Plus when your sales reps are reaching - and even surpassing - their quota faster than ever before, they'll be eager to stay on board. Just as important, your organization will better understand how marketing demand translates to pipeline and how conversation rates impact revenue - ultimately enabling the "Holy Grail" of sales and marketing: better alignment. It's easy to get overwhelmed by terminology and techniques when it comes to sales enablement but here is all you really need to know - Sales enablement covers the sales side of the revenue cycle, including: - Which prospect are displaying behavior and engaging in activity that makes them promising buyers. -What topics sales should focus on to engage each prospect in a high-value, relevant dialogue -What tools and techniques are available to track their prospect throughout the buying cycle -What information they can quickly access, customize and send to prospect to help them navigate the buying process The key to success: Understanding digital body language > Your marketing organization is in a unique position to help sales thrive when it comes to Sales enablement. But you'll fail unless you understand how and when buyers are interacting with your website, content and campaigns. It's not enough to generate high quality leads, as challenging as that may be. You also need to deliver the information that sales need to close business. And that means being able to understand prospect interest and intent based on what they are doing on your site.In fact, understanding prospect behavior is more powerful than knowing demographic information, such as the data you get from a list broker or capture via a registration form.