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Free ebook: Ultimate Buyer Persona Guide (for Beginners)

Over 50 Pages of education to make sure you craft the ULTIMATE buyer persona(s), including: - What IS a Buyer Persona - What Buyer Personas Are NOT - Why your marketing NEEDS Buyer Personas - Who, What, When, Where, Why & How of Persona research - Primary research - How to conduct buyer persona interviews - Secondary research - common sources of internal data and info - Common mistakes businesses make while creating their personas - ...Read More

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Pg 4 - Part 1: What IS a Buyer Persona? Pg 10 - Part 2: Getting Started Pg 16 - Part 3: Reconnaissance Pg 20 - Part 4: Construction Pg 26 - Part 5: Application Pg 31 - Persona and Insights Worksheet Pg 36 - Persona Example/Template

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protocol 80’s ultimate BUYER PERSONA GUIDE (FOR BEGINNERS) CONGRATULATIONS! And Thank You for downloading this eBook on BUYER PERSONAS! Included in your non-purchase is: ●FREE Buyer Persona eBook! ●FREE Buyer Persona worksheet! ●FREE template/example Persona! All for the great price of $0! Aside from being the best deal EVER, this eBook will give you the rundown on the what, why, and how of buyer personas. What they are, why...Read More