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Free ebook: The Display Advertising Play-By-Play: Unlocking the Value of Display Advertising

Over the past few years, we’ve seen advertisers increase their display ad spend to reach more customers online. In an industry that is constantly innovating, we know the challenge to achieve higher performance goals becomes more and more difficult. Whether you’re new to online advertising or a seasoned pro, read our game plan to evaluate and improve your display performance. Get the fundamentals to: - Understand the impact of real-tim...Read More

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Pg 3 - Introduction Pg 4: Step 1: Unlock the value of advertising with real-time display Pg 8: Look at display data beyond the click Pg 12: Step 3: Understand the impact of attribution Pg 17: Step 4: Evaluate campaigns with metrics that matter Pg 22: Conclusion

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The Quantcast Display Play-By-Play Unlocking the Value of Display Advertising What’s Inside 3 INTRODUCTION 4 STEP 1: UNLOCK THE VALUE OF ADVERTISING WITH REAL-TIME DISPL AY 8 STEP 2: LOOK AT DISPLAY DATA BEYOND THE CLICK 12 STEP 3: UNDERSTAND THE IMPACT OF ATTRIBUTION 17 STEP 4: E VALUATE CAMPAIGNS WITH METRICS THAT MATTER 22 CONCLUSION INTRODUCTION In 2015, businesses spent roughly $27 billion on display advertising.That figure...Read More