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Director of Product Marketing at HoneyBook
This is challenging indeed and something I've had to deal with at every company I've worked for. What I've fund helps keep me and the business teams sain is to plan to launch features 14 days after the official planned released date. This makes product nervous most of the time, but most of the ti...more
Founder at BrainKraft
Follow this rule: Launch is a business decision, not a technical decision. You can still launch, you just won't hit your launch date (as in when we can start booking revenue). You have to get a good sense of your engineering team's ability to deliver on the dates they've committed to. If they hav...more
GM & SVP Product Growth at New Relic
First, let me say that no one in Eng/Product likes product delays. The timing gets screwed up because of poor planning or unpredictable events. So, you have two options:   1. Avoid the coordination tax for smaller launches - so that a delay doesn't affect your launch timeline. 2. Give extra in...more
Head of Product Marketing, Advertising Cloud at Adobe
I'd recommend to play the "new person card" and ask a lot of questions: what market problems does this solve? How did they ID these market problems? What customers or products have they talked to? What are competitors or doing? If they can’t answer these questions, there is likely room for you ...more
Latam Marketing Manager at ActiveCampaign
I tend to think that product launches are delayed more often than not. Because of that, the expected delays should already be part of your planning. Also, there are a few workarounds you can use to deal with unexpected delays. I will go through both below. 1. Planning (or Before the delay happe...more
Director of Product Marketing at
I know this pain!  Part of working at a product driven company is that this will happen and it's ok. The health of the product should come first and that will disrupt markeitng plans for time to time. Stick it out. Don't stop doing product launches just because the timelines didn't work out a ...more