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Latam Marketing Manager at ActiveCampaign
Although @Mary (Shirley) Sheehan [/profile/mary-shirley] and @Mark Officer [/profile/mark-officer] already posted great answers, I would like to add two other great sources. 1 ) A source of data is reading what their employeers are posting on LinkedIn (through posts, summary or job description...more
Head Of Product Marketing at SignEasy
Two questions about the lack of public-facing marketing that I think can help guide the search: 1. Is the lack of public-facing marketing in fact part of their narrative (secrecy) or marketing ineptitude (which in itself says something)? 2. Does lack of public-facing marketing equate to lac...more
Head of Product Marketing at Ramp
This is a really great question. For stealth products that are competitive in your sales cycle, it's worth asking your sales team to try to gather information from prospects that are evaluating your competitors.  Alternatively, you can dig around the internet - suprisingly, Twitter threads and...more
Director of Product Marketing & Programs at Brainshark
Capterra is another good review site.   Along with YouTube, check out SlideShare for the same reason, often times there are presentations from conferences etc. that have been posted.  And speakingof conferences, often time the presentations from a conference can be downloaded by attendees, ...more
Head of Product Marketing, Advertising Cloud at Adobe
I would say it's time to get scrappy! Calling them (or even having a consultant do so) can be tricky because most companies that are secretive or demo-shy screen for this. But it's amazing what you can find online. Look at YouTube, often there are past speaking gigs or presentations that can give...more