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Director of Product Marketing at
I think it takes experience and a well developed muscle to be great at product positioning. Writing simple, easy to digest copy that communicates the value and function of a complex product is not easy. Take a look at most startups websites and you'll see what I mean. It's easy to fall back on ja...more
Director of Product Management, Speech AI at Cisco
Chiming in here  1. Messaging and positioning - can be difficult, again its very industry and segment dependant as well as what type of product/technology. Being on enterprise infrastructure and software in my career, in the current scenario, where you have to influence and convince multiple "...more
Head of Product Marketing at Square
There are two things I found challenging for the PMM role.  1. Prioritize all the things we can work on and make sure we are having the biggest impact on the business. Our role at Square is very broad. At any time, we can be pulled in from working on the next 18-month product strategy ...more
Product Marketer at Axial

That was extremely helpful. Thanks for taking the time to share Carrie. 

Marketing at Luna On-Demand Physical Therapy
Thank you for the thoughtful and insightful reply, @Carrie Zhang [/profile/carrie-zhang].  After encountering the churn issue, what levers did you have within the company to drive/prioritize the focus on closing feature gaps and churn vs. increasing marketing budget to meet other KPIs? Put an...more
Head of Product Marketing at Square
Thanks for the follow-up questions Justin. On your first question, it was pretty easy to get alignment on addressing churn vs. increasing budget. The logic to not put money into a leaking bucket was fairly obvious so we did not get much resistence. Had I encountered more push back, I'd probabl...more