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Director Product Marketing at Salesforce

Pricing is hard, especially when the product price has to extract the maximum customer willingness to pay and still leaves some customer value. There is plenty of resources on the web you can find and I don’t want to recommend anything here. From my experience, here are a few things that will be helpful when pricing your B2B product. Good research from interviews and surveys from existing / potential customers, supplemented by consulting firms’ pricing models is a great start. Trade-offs between long-term commit vs discount are a must. Keep the pricing window open for sales leaders to build customer relationships by offering personalized pricing terms. Think of other levers such as modules, solution / vert-based, marketplace, live support, etc. to customize pricing to maximize customer value. If there are multiple distribution channels, channel conflicts (with price, sales incentives, product availability, etc.) are to be addressed so your customers benefit the most. Analyst / third-party firms’ research report on pricing and TCO / ROI analysis is a good asset to validate your product pricing and move customer conversation towards value-based.

As a growing developer tools or platform company, you want to think about ensuring your pricing packaging strategy can grow as your customers grow and your company grows. You want to make sure your pricing is approachable for any legitimate business that wants to solve business problems using your products and solutions while ensuring you have the safeguards in place to protect from abuse or onboarding lots of low-value, non-commercial customers.

Head of Marketing, Cloud Enterprise at Atlassian
Figuring out the willingness-to-pay (WTP) by conducting research for your product with your target market/buyers is an effective approach. I've mentioned more details in a previous response. There are lots of good articles on WTP research (including HBR). Also checkout the Profitwell/PriceInte...more
Product Marketing at airSlate
So I have done a lot of work with Profit Well, they have some great frameworks and suggestions for building Pricing and packaging. The ideal scenario for me is to find out what I am building towards, what is our goal. Is it a land grab, are we just trying to get as many people as possible or are ...more
Head Of Product Marketing at MobileCoin
If you want the highest company valuation possible, you need a recurring stream based on a value-based and/or usage-based pricing model. Investors and Wall Street value recurring revenue streams at a much higher multiple than one-time transactional revenue because they are predictable revenue str...more