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Head of Product Marketing at Quizlet

I think it really depends on the scope and scale of launch and your launch cadence. It’s important to strategize with company leaders and your head of PR to agree on an ideal product launch cadence in a given year so that PR has enough substance to work with (and enough notice to plan for it). For example, if your industry has any key dates, seasonal moments, or editorial debates going on, you’ll likely want to align at least once a year with one of those. 

That can magnify your PR team’s likelihood of gaining traction.

All in all, I’ve found PR colleagues to be helpful partners in my launches, but unless you’re really going all-in on large launch (brand new tech, new audience, new business model), I think you need to create a pretty big “platform” moment to capture the kind of attention that’s going to make a big difference.

For launches at Quizlet, I see PR as one part of a bigger puzzle and I trust the Comms team to advise on what makes the most sense, since the corporate comms narrative is usually much bigger than one key launch. 

For those reasons, I tend to spend a lot more time focusing on channels that connect to my direct target audience on- and off-platform.

A few ideas:

  • As your company invests more in a thought leadership platform, you can think about launches as a great opportunity to create a big event like a conference to bring together leaders in your field and inspire your customer advocates.
  • If your launch isn't suitable for top tier coverage, consider scoping your PR plan to the spaces where your launch will gain most interest. What industry publications are worth pursuing?
  • Think about types of external validation that could be worth pursuing such as efficacy studies or reviews by experts in the field.
  • It can be worth gathering inspiring customer stories with a human interest angle, especially if you have a beta launch and have to time to pull those together ahead of launch.
Vice President, Product Marketing at
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