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Director of Product Marketing, Udemy for Business at Udemy

I love telling a good story...:

Background: For internal stakeholders, you really have to set context/background. We are in the weeds with planning day to day for a specific launch or initiative, but you can't expect internal stakeholders to be the same. To help drive messaging home, set the right context. 

What's the problem? Paint the problem that you're trying to solve, but sometimes what works best isn't just a statement of "We are trying to improve the checkout process..." but tell them a story of common problems that users encounter with this issue. i.e. "Pete is in a rush to get this gift to his Mom for Mother's Day, but because he had issues navigating the checkout page, didn't check the right shipping time. Mom didn't receive the gift on time = sad Mom, angry Pete". 

Solution: Clear and concise value based messaging helps drive messaging home. Avoid marketing-speak ... that always helps! 

Senior Director of Corporate Marketing at Handshake
There are a number of messaging framework templates available these days. I shared an article that I like to reference (link is below again); I also suggest you check out posts from Andy Raskin ( who I've worked with previously or check out this recording of Tiffany Spence...more
Director of Product Marketing at HoneyBook
I like to use a 5 question messaging framework: Who am I? What am? Who am I for? Why am I good for you? Why should you buy me here and now? I start by answering these questions. I do user research to really get the insights to answer to "who am I for" and "why am I good for you", and I do...more
Product Marketing Director at
This is a tough one for me because I've tried several things in the last few years that DON'T work. I've used several different "message map" formats, and you can find a lot of examples online. The online formats are good, very professional, well-structured. They are useful ways to think about wh...more
Senior Director of Product Marketing, Customer Identity at Okta
I find most messaging frameworks will get the job done here. It's more important to have consistency in using whatever template/framework you ultimately select. This allows your internal stakeholders to really focus on the meat instead of template. This is also very important for our marketing te...more
Director of Product Marketing at Klaviyo
I find that it depends on the scale of what I’m messaging. If it’s for a small project (a landing page, a video, etc.) I like to go with: * Key message * 3 supporting value propositions, with taglines and descriptions * Supporting points for each of those value props — whether those are uniqu...more
Head of Marketing at Landed
At Upwork we use a feature messaging brief (or initiative messaging for big projects) to communicate everything from the big picture to the fine details to internal stakeholders. The brief typically contains these sections: Feature description (usually includes screenshots), Target audience, Rele...more